Christian-Shia Alliance Against Sunni-Judaism Axis and the Satanic World Order

Shame really. If only because she had the misfortune of honoring the wrong God

John Greer in Search and Destroy (Person Interest, Season 4, Episode 19).

Do you know that Shia Muslims once wanted a White European Christian to be the Caliph of the Caliphate? A Caliph is a political leader with equivalent power to the Catholic Pope, but he rules over Muslims. What made Shia to seek an alliance with Christians? Is it their shared roots in Egyptian Neoplatonism?

Christian Shia Gnosophia org

In Black Swan Hamas: Why Israel was Baited Into Defeat and America Baited into Hazard in the Middle East, I explained that Gnostics and Neoplatonists played a key role in uniting Orthodox Christians with Shia Muslims, while simultaneously driving Orthodox Jews to fight Sunni Muslims as part of the millennia-old struggle against the demiurge. The Shia-Christian alliance currently expresses itself as the Russia-Iran alliance, and it has brought China into the fold. China would have been a Christian nation had the Taiping Revolution succeeded as I explained in The Taiping Gnostics: The Revolutionaries Who Almost Destroyed Imperial Confucianism. Unfortunately for the Taiping Christians, the American and British governments allied themselves with the anti-Christian Manchu tyrants so that they could keep selling opium to the Chinese. On the bright side, a Cossack-Serbian force destroyed the northern flank of the Manchu, and had the Orthodox Russians linked up with the Taiping Christians, the Christian Cross would be a dominant landmark in Beijing today.

In Ukraine was Dragged into an Unnecessary War, It Has Now Lost the War, I explained that when Russians fought to liberate Christian Slavs from Ottoman Sunni domination, the United Kingdom and France actively undermined such efforts – even joining the Sunni Turks to jointly fight the Russians. This Faustian pact with the Sunni Turks allowed the Ottoman Turks to kill 23,000 Cretan Greeks and 100,000 Bulgarian Christians, as well as enabled the Sunni Turks to commit the Armenian Genocide, the Greek Genocide, and the Assyrian Genocide. This was the ultimate outcome of Occidental malice against Russia in the 20th Century. This malice reincarnated during the Syrian Civil War when the Americans, British, and the French joined hands with the Turks to support Sunni jihadists who were committing massacres against Christians and Yazidis in Syria and Iraq.

This anti-Christian, pro-Sunni alliance was defeated by the joint efforts of Iran and Russia as I have explained in How Iran Defeated the America-Israel-Saudi Alliance in the Middle East. Among the Sunni jihadi groups fighting against the government of Bashar al-Assad was Hamas. In October 2023, Hamas (which was previously used to fight against Russians and Iranians) was turned against Israelis, and in the process sucked the Americans and the Europeans who supported the anti-Christian, pro-Sunni alliance in Syria into forming a new alliance to defend Israel. This was a masterstroke of strategic genius as it allowed for the war against the devil to manifest itself in the geopolitical realm.

The current Israeli-Hamas war is essentially a religious war but the Israeli Government and the United States Government (USG) refuse to acknowledge it as such. For Jews, this war has even grim undertones.

Fighting for the Neoplatonic God Against the Demiurgic Devil

The Gnostics warned that any people fighting against tyrants will always end up hating Jews e.g the liberation of the Iberian peninsula from Muslim colonization resulted in the expulsion of Jews following the enactment of the Alhambra decree of 1492. Jews entered England during the Norman Conquest in 1066 and were subsequently employed as tax farmers, a vocation that made Jews loathed by native peasants, which explains why Jews were left in legal limbo following the chartering of the Magna Carta, which clipped the powers of the King and his royalty while promoting basic human rights.

Ukraine was Dragged into an Unnecessary War, It Has Now Lost the War

Christianity was an offshoot of Gnosticism, not Judaism, and in fact, Early Christians worshipped the non-Semitic Sumerian Christ who I have described in DeHebraizing Christ: On the Apotheosis of an Ancient Non-Semitic Hero-King into Greater Yahweh. Essentially, Christianity does not need Judaism to exist just as Marcion taught. This is why Jews fear Gnosticism because Gnosticism delinks Christianity from Judaism and leaves Jews without any divine mission in the Christian worldview.

Holocaust as a Grand Narrative

Israel cannot be invited to the BRICS intergovernmental organization and there are claims that BRICS can replace the United Nations (UN). If BRICS develops into a counter-UN before substituting the UN, then Israel will be internationally isolated, and Jews – through lobby fronts in Europe and America – would want Europeans and Americans to fight against BRICS. However, there is a problem. As explained previously, the Iraq War of 2003 was essentially a war promoted by Jews against Arabs in which no Israeli died but American blood and finances were used to secure Israeli interests. So, why would Americans want to bleed and die again for Jewish interests? In other words, why would Americans want to fight BRICS on behalf of Israel and the Jews? If Americans and Europeans decide to let BRICS develop, what option does Israel have to avert international isolation? Can the Samson option be used?

Can Jews rally Americans to their cause using Christianity as a glue to hold the Israeli-American alliance in place? What would happen if it is proved that Christianity does not need Judaism to validate its existence? What if it is proved that Christ was not a Jew, has never been a Jew, is not a Jew, and will never be a Jew? What if modern-day Christians are made to realize that early Christians described Yahweh/Jehovah as the devil?

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