Will the Satanic World Order be Weakened in 2024?

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future said Oscar Wilde. The satanic world order wants to turn the saint into a sinner while using atheism to convince the sinner that (s)he has no future outside the existing mainstreamed materialist reductionist paradigm.

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“Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads” – Book of Revelation 12:3. Art shows people worshipping this dragon. CREDIT.

In 2023, it was reported that the World Economic Forum (WEF) had described Jesus Christ as the “original fake news” and had called for the establishment of a new world religion based on a new “correct” Bible that is entirely written by Artificial Intelligence (AI). First Things – an ecumenical journal owned by the Institute on Religion and Public Life – reported on January 2023 that the WEF-affiliated homosexual philosopher, Yuval Harari, had called for the engineering of human bodies, brains, and minds so that human beings can transcend their physical limitation and become gods. “We are really acquiring divine powers of ­creation and destruction. We are really upgrading humans into gods”, Harari is reported to have said. So, why would Harari want human beings to become gods?

WEF was established by Klaus Martin Schwab in 1971 as an international non-governmental organization that can engage in international lobbying on behalf of both private organizations and national governments. In 2014, WEF shifted its focus to “reshaping the world” and this later comprised “mastering the fourth industrial revolution” so that a “responsive and responsible leadership” could lead humanity through “Globalization 4.0”. Russell Ronald Reno III reported that Klaus Schwab wants “epochal transformation” based on what WEF calls the “Great Reset” that will change “not only what we (human beings) do but who we are”. WEF has been central to the mainstreaming of scientific and social-political narratives in the Western World, and this reveals its power to influence the national policies of Western nations. However, WEF and related self-appointed guardians of knowledge and progress are bound to face a turbulent 2024. This is despite Harari publicly calling on multinational technology titans to commandeer the spiritual future of mankind.

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2024 is the Year of Revolution in the Postmodern Age

2024 is a special leap year because it is the year of the revolution. This year will be marked by political, social, economic, and religious revolutions. The sacrosance/sanctity of science will be questioned. The people will also question whether capitalism is the best economic paradigm. The dominant mainstream narratives of atheism and social justice wokeness will face assault, and the politicized science will be deconstructed with gusto as the self-appointed gatekeepers of “conventional” knowledge come under scrutiny following the breach of their protective political edifice i.e the political guardians will lose influence and in the process, their politicized sciecne will lose its artificial sanctity. The management strategies employed to control SARS-CoV-2 and COVID will be reviewed, while the climate change narrative will face scrutiny and popular stigmatization as an elite narrative that injures popular will.

The defeat of Israel by Muslim terrorists and the intrenchment of Islamic terrorism in nations that have adopted the failed Anglo-American counter-terrorism policies will inflame public anger among the terrorized populations, which will result in more nations abandoning not only the failed Anglo-American counter-terrorism strategies, but also questioning the long-term utility of the American-led World Order. Some philosophers like Alexander Dugin have been questioning this American-led order, though Dugin’s focus has been on the conflict between what he calls the Atlantic Order (which means the American-led Order) and the World Island – a euphemism for Russia and its Soviet-era co-dependent nation-states. Moe Bedard of Gnostic Warrior describes Dugin as a Left-hand Gnostic, but I disagree with this description because Dugin did describe himself as a Gnostic but his brand of Gnosticism as he explained it during his interview with Bedard revealed that he follows the Solar Principle, which shows that he is a right-hand Gnostic. I will return to the right-hand versus left-hand paths later in the post. For now, let me make more predictions about 2024.

In the domain of public life, religion will make a comeback and militant/toxic atheism will be deconstructed. The upcoming post titled Atheism as a Grand Narrative will focus on the limits, demerits, and maladaptive nature of atheism. Right now, let us understand what the Satanic World Order is.

What is the Satanic World Order and How it is Different from the World Order of the Devil?

In What is Satanism and How is it Different from Devilry?, I…

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