How Hamas Propaganda is Used Against Kikuyu Christians in Lamu

Kikuyu Christians have been branded by Sunni Islamists, Al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State as Zionists perpetrating Nakba in Lamu. What happens when Islamism is cloaked as land militancy and voiced through decolonization narratives?

Kikuyu Christians are now described by Islamists as the Zionists who occupy Lamu, and Muslims are called upon to ethnically cleanse these Christians in an effort to reclaim and extend dar al-Islam (land for Muslims only). What Hamas terrorists did in Southern Israel on October 7, 2023, Muslim terrorists have been doing to the people of Lamu since June 2014. The Mpeketoni attack and massacre on 15th June 2014 was the Kenyan equivalent of the 7 October 2023 Palestinian terrorist attack and massacre in southern Israel.

Just like the Hamas attacks lasted for three days from October 7 to October 9, the attacks on Kikuyu Christians by Somali terrorists lasted for three days from June 15 to June 17. However, unlike Israel which launched a well-deserved punitive retaliation against Palestinian terrorists and the communities that hosted them thus resulting in the death of 20,000 and displacement of 1.9 million Palestinians, Kenya adopted the failed Anglo-American counter-terrorism strategies that have resulted in the deaths of thousands of Kenyans since al-Shabaab invaded Mpeketoni. The British and American officials warned that any attempt by the Government of Kenya (GoK) to launch a large-scale anti-terrorism campaign in Coast and North-Eastern Kenya would result in GoK losing administrative control of that region. For that reason, Islamism was allowed to entrench itself in Kenya.

It goes without saying that not all Muslims in Lamu are terrorists and some have been spearheading efforts to defeat terrorism in the County. Some Muslim clerics even agree to hold prayers in Christian churches. However, we have to admit that not all residents of Lamu are happy that different religions and tribes co-exist in peace.

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The Redeemed Gospel Church in Mpeketoni was burned down by terrorists this year and it is being rebuilt.

Hizb ut-Tahrir in Kenya

Let Britain, America, and the entire West go to hell, because the Caliphate is coming, Allah willing.

Mohammed Malkawi of Hizb ut-Tahrir when addressing a conference in June 2013.

In 2016, Russia spearheaded a joint Russia-Iran-Syria anti-terrorism campaign in Syria in which hundreds of thousands of Sunni terrorists were killed and millions of their supporters displaced as Assad’s government recovered territories from Al-Qaeda, Islamic State, and their affiliates. In December 2016, Aleppo, the largest city in Syria, was liberated from terrorists (including terrorists that the Saudi government acknowledged to have supported). The liberation of Aleppo occurred 3 months after the Iraqis launched a military campaign to recover Mosul from the Islamic State, and in the process destroy the self-proclaimed caliphate. In the same year, Hizb al-Tahrir – which is considered a terrorist organization in China, Germany, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia – was holding open protests in Mombasa calling for the caliphate and the implementation of sharia across Kenya and all nations in East Africa.

In the United Kingdom (UK), Hizb ut-Tahrir openly proclaims that its goal is to establish a global caliphate. In 2006, its leader – Ata Bin Khalil Abu al-Rashtah – called for Russians to be killed and for Muslims across the world to wage war against Jews. Hizb ut-Tahrir publicized this call to kill Russians when Vladimir Putin was waging war against Sunni terrorists in Chechnya, and had already killed tens of thousands of Muslim terrorists. Russian army ended up leveling Grozny – just as Israel has done with Northern Gaza in the past two months – but it failed to kill one of the people leading Jihadis in Grozny – Akhmed Zakayev. Zakayev escaped Grozny to reappear in London with the UK government providing him with round-the-clock protection, despite the Russian government declaring him a wanted terrorist who killed Russians.

Yarmouk Syria Gnosophia org
As Russia aided the Syrian regime in recovering land from Sunni terrorists, the population that sympathized and hosted the terrorists was displaced. Their dream of a modern-day caliphate was crushed by the force of arms. PHOTO CREDIT: AP via The Guardian.

This is one of the incidents that led London to be described as Londonistan – a term coined by French Intelligence to denote that London has become the land of refuge for Muslim terrorists with the UK government accused of reaching an agreement with Muslim terrorists whereby they can live, fund-raise, recruit new members, and broadcast militant messages across the globe as long as they do not attack the UK. These accusations were explored by Melanie Phillips in her book, Londonistan: How Britain Is Creating a Terror State Within.

What interests me is how the British Government responded to the request by the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia (or Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki Rossiyskoy Federatsii, SVR) to extradite or assassinate terrorists living in London. The Russians were told that they should not describe them as Muslim terrorists because they belong to organizations that have many Christians!!! The British informed the perplexed Russians that Chechen jihadis were made up of many ethnic Russians, but they could not back up this claim.

“The British tried to convince Russians that trying to wipe out Chechen terrorists would mean killing many ethnic Russians. Basically, the British were doing what they did to Kenya. They told Kenya that al-Shabaab is not a Somali terror organization, and then started a propaganda campaign to present Al-Shabaab as a terror organization with a non-Somali face. It is why GoK brainlessly parrots this mantra and keeps trying to spread the falsehood that a Kikuyu Muslim led the attack against the Kikuyu in Mpeketoni in June 2014”, a source told me. “When the British tried this ruse with the Russians, they were told straight to their face to go promote that boundlessly stupid propaganda to their brainless African lackeys”, my source added. SVR attempted to assassinate Chechen terrorists living in London, including Zakayev in 2012.

China’s Xinjiang Inspired by Lamu

The Americans tried the same ruse with the Chinese – telling them that Islamists in China include many Han Chinese. In November 2014, Uyghur terrorists had beheaded dozens of Han Chinese in Xinjiang (Chinese for New Frontier) during their campaign to ethnically cleanse the region of Han people, whom they called derogatory names. The Chinese people in turn called for the government to be tough on Islamic terrorism.

The Chinese government realized that the United States Government (USG) was tricking it to adopt failed counter-terrorism strategies. Americans could not explain how their strategies could lead to success, and the Chinese were shocked to realize that Americans could not implement those strategies in the American homeland if terrorists had invaded their homeland. “The Chinese leaders said that only people without brains can adopt and implement these American counter-terrorism strategies”, my source informed me.

December 002 Gnosophia org
Chinese President, Xi Jinping, warned enemies of China that he would “crack their heads and spill their blood“. PHOTO COURTESY.

Later, the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) was provided with intelligence that Iranians had captured in Syria after killing American-supported ‘moderate jihadis”. This intelligence was unique as it revealed a secret campaign by the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to support Uyghur terrorists to spread violence and chaos in China. It is this intelligence that allowed the Chinese to hunt down and kill CIA operatives across China starting in 2012. Within a couple of years, the CIA had lost all its agents and officers in China. In 2021, psychologist Chris Lonsdale publicly protested that the American government was leading a campaign to destroy China, using Xinjiang as the underbelly.

Also, starting in 2012, the Chinese government launched a war against Uyghur terrorists – with the war reaching its climax in 2016. Thereafter, the Uyghur terrorists were defeated, and Chinese Han were resettled in Xinjiang similar to how the Kikuyu were resettled in Lamu. In fact, China Xinjiang’s anti-terrorism strategy was partly inspired by Kenyatta’s war on Somali terrorists and the settlement of the Kikuyu in Lamu.

If you listen to Uyghur terrorists’ denouncements of the Chinese, it is eerily similar to the pronouncements made by Lamu Islamist organizations including vuguvugu la wanati (waislamu) wa Lamu. On the bright side, China has managed to counter terrorist ideology by placing Uyghurs in vocational educational centers where they are taught about nationalism, patriotism, and Chinese history, as well as receive free vocational training. Uyghur children are sometimes educated in boarding schools to keep them away from terrorists and religious extremists.

December 005 Gnosophia org
December 003 Gnosophia org

China remains to date the only nation to have successfully defeated Islamic terrorism while transforming Xinjiang into a prosperous region.

Ironically, as terrorists were beheading Han Chinese in November 2014, Somali terrorists were also killing Kenyans in Mandera. However, GoK adopted the failed Anglo-American counter-terrorism strategy that has fostered Islamism and Islamic terrorism in Kenya.

Muslim Extremists Allowed to Operate in Kenya

As Hizb ut-Tahrir was holding protests outside Masjid Rahma in Mombasa, children of Sunni terrorists were being expelled from schools in Iraq.

Shabani Mwalimu is the media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Kenya, and GoK has allowed these Islamists to propagate their ideas in Kenya, and in the process, radicalize Kenyan youth. So, why does GoK state that it is doing its best to fight Islamic terrorism when it allows Islamism to propagate openly in Kenya?

When Boniface Mwangi – a human rights activist – shared screenshots that expressed concerns that Masjid Rahma and Masjid Baluchi in Mombasa are hosting preachers who denigrate Kenyans and openly advocate for violent anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, Kenyans complained about Mombasa Islamists publicly embracing the Takfiri ideology.

Takfiri is an ideology that requires Sunni Muslims to declare Shia Muslims as kaffir (infidel), while Sunni Muslims who do not subscribe to Salafi austere religious teachings are also declared as infidels. Takfiri is the process of declaring a Muslim to be a Kaffir.

Screenshot from 2023 12 15 08 58 25

Sufi Muslims who do not support Somali irredentism or expulsion of Kikuyus from the Coast region are declared to be murtaddin (apostates who deserve to be killed).

Screenshot from 2023 12 15 08 55 42
Screenshot from 2023 12 15 08 56 10

China remains to date the only nation to have successfully defeated Islamic terrorism while transforming Xinjiang into a prosperous region.

Flag of Hizb ut Tahrir
Flag of Hizb ut-Tahrir. CREDIT: Wikipedia.

If Hizb ut-Tahrir can openly call for Sharia law to be the Constitution of Kenya and remain untouched by the government, why should al-Shabaab not feel emboldened to openly state that their ultimate goal is to make Kenya an Islamic territory under the caliphate? What will happen to the non-Muslims in Kenya? Do Kenyans know that non-Muslims generally live horrible lives in countries ruled by Islamists e.g Somalia? This was why I was opposed to the American policy of empowering Islamists to replace the Assad regime in Syria.

In this video, an al-Shabaab terrorist explicitly proclaims that al-Shabaab’s mission in Kenya is part of a large goal to Islamize Kenya – through both the sword and stealth jihad.

Al-Qaeda Declares Entire Coastal Region of Kenya as Muslim-Only Territory

Kafiri…hana kinga ya damu wala kinga ya mali yake. Kwa hivyo waruhusiwa kumuua, waruhusiwa kumnyang’anya mali, hata kama hakukufanya lolote…kafiri ambaye hufai kumuua ni kafiri dhimmi. (The non-Muslim [Christian, Hindu, Animist, or Atheists etc) is not protected and a Muslim is allowed to kill him/her and take away their wealth even if he/she done nothing to offend Islam or Muslims. The only non-Muslim that you cannot kill is the one who submits to Islamic rule and accepts himself/herself as an inferior to the Muslim.

Sheikh Aboud Rogo – a prominent Sunni cleric from Lamu who met his end in a hail of bullets in 2012.
Footage shows Al-Shabaab terrorists planning to attack the police camp near the Christian village of Pandanguo. Their stated intention is to overrun the police camp and then attack the defenseless Christians. Footage also shows the aftermath of the terrorist raid of a police camp where they killed police officers and took a police vehicle along with weapons and ammunition. These Sunni Muslim terrorists explicitly stated that their goal remains to expel all Christians from the Coastal region of Kenya. These jihadi raids continue to occur and are the equivalent of Lamu’s al-Aqsa Flood whose goal is to wipe out the Kikuyu community in Lamu.

“One might observe Lamu County has become an internal colonisation. Marubu Muthoni and the likes from Central shall always remain outsiders”, said Khelef Khalifa in a Facebook post. Khelef Khalifa is a…

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