Lamu as Idlib of Kenya

Christians in Lamu need to be trained, armed, and regimented into anti-Islamist militia because Kenyan soldiers cannot arrest an invasion by Somali jihadists and al-Shabaab. Arming civilians to fight al-Qaeda and Islamic State worked in Burkina Faso, Syria, Iraq, and Mali despite accusations by the French, American, and British governments that defeating Muslim terrorists using armed civilians is not “professional counter-terrorism”.

The American counter-terrorism strategy exported to Africa is purposely designed – either through hubristic malice or gallant naivety – to turn an African nation into a modern South Vietnam – a nation whose survival and existence depend entirely on American support and goodwill.

How Failed American and British Counter-Terrorism Strategies Have Nurtured Islamic Terrorism in Lamu and Inflamed Morbid Persecution of Kikuyu Christians.

The British and American officials warned that any attempt by the Government of Kenya (GoK) to launch a large-scale anti-terrorism campaign in Coast and North-Eastern Kenya would result in GoK losing administrative control of that region. For that reason, Islamism was allowed to entrench itself in Kenya.

How Hamas Propaganda is Used Against Kikuyu Christians in Lamu.
Al-Shabaab fighters overrun a combat base garrisoned by Kenyan soldiers. This defeat destroyed the myth of invincibility of the Kenyan Army and exposed it as a weak army. After this defeat, the Kenyan army ceded ground to al-Shabaab. For Kenyans, the army cannot defeat jihadists on its own, it needs assistance from armed civilians.

By adopting the failed American and British counter-terrorism strategies, Kenya has turned its Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) into the equivalent of the South Vietnam Army of East Africa – a military that cannot win any conventional or asymmetric war, but is heavy into self-congratulatory rhetoric and issuing empty threats.

How Failed American and British Counter-Terrorism Strategies Have Nurtured Islamic Terrorism in Lamu and Inflamed Morbid Persecution of Kikuyu Christians.

Al-Shabaab in Mozambique

“How many people belong to that Muslim tribe”, asked an Angolan commander during an argument about how best to defeat al-Shabaab terrorists in Mozambique. “About 40,000”, was the answer he received. “Only 40,000. Why not kill all of them and permanently end Islamic terrorism in Mozambique? The Chinese have fought Islamic terrorism by wiping out 90% of the Muslim populations that were involved in terrorism. It is why Gansu has never suffered Islamic terrorism for 150 years”, he proposed. An irate French government official answered back that Africa is not China and Mozambique should seek advice and assistance from Europeans and Americans about how to defeat terrorists.

“Which terrorists have Americans or Europeans defeated? You were defeated by the Taliban in Afghanistan. You supported Muslim terrorists in Syria, even calling them democracy activists, but Russia spearheaded the destruction of your terrorists. You supported Uyghur terrorists in China but Xi Jinping has crushed them while refusing to show any deference to either the Americans or the Europeans. Your counter-terrorism strategies are developed by charlatans, and you want your ego massaged by Africans after the Chinese, Iranians, Syrians, and Russians called your bluff”, a Kenyan answered.

“What is France without its Francafrique. That is – its neocolonial puppet regimes in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, and other former French colonies in West Africa. Without Francafrique, France is just another European nation like Sweden. How long do you think your puppet regimes will last before Africans rise up and overthrow them and kick France out of their nations? Do you think supporting Muslim terrorists will redeem Francafrique? The same applies to the British who think that crushing Muslim terrorists in former British colonies will reduce the influence that London has over those nations. Also, why do you think that Africans want to repeat the mistakes that Europeans made? Isn’t the cradle of the Greek-speaking Byzantium Empire now under Turks who invaded the area from Western China? The Chinese expelled the GokTurks and the expelled Turks proceeded to invade Europe and Asia Minor and establish a horrible empire that allied with France. What did the French and British geniuses do in 1850s when Russia wanted to destroy the Ottomans and liberate Greek Anatolia? Didn’t the French and British wage war against Christian Russians so as to protect Muslim Turks? Didn’t these Turks end up committing genocides against Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians? What did the British and Americans do in the 1850s when Christian revolutionaries fought against Manchu tyranny in China? Didn’t the Americans and British assist the Manchu to defeat the Taiping, and in the process destroy a chance for China to become a Christian nation? Do we know if a Christian China would have prevented the genocides of Christians in the Ottoman Empire, even destroying the Ottomans? And now, you want us to place our lives on the line as guinea pigs to validate the disastrous American, British, and French counter-terrorism strategies?”, the Kenyan stated with finality before he was thrown out of the meeting at the insistence of a British government official.

Xi Jinping Gnosophia org
President Xi Jinping defeated Islamic terrorism in Xinjiang without asking even an iota of advice from the Americans or Europeans. PHOTO CREDIT: Chinese State Media.

Sunni Jihad From Nigeria to Kenya

On Christmas Eve of 2023, Fulani Muslim terrorists raided about 20 Christian villages in Bokkos and Barkin Lagi areas of Plateau State, and killed over 200 Christian civilians, with some Christians killed inside a church while women and children were burnt to death. Likewise, over 300 Christians were wounded and many others were abducted by the Fulani Muslim terrorists, which makes this latest round of jihadi attack reminiscent of the 7 October 2023 Palestinian terrorist attack and massacre in southern Israel and the mass killing of Kikuyu Christians by Somali terrorists in June 2014. So, why are the protesters who support Hamas quiet about this massacre? The answer is simple: Hamas supporters also support Fulani and Somali terrorism against Christians, and it is why I always call them out for their support of savagery and barbarity.

Fulani terrorism is far more lethal than Hamas terrorism because these Fulanis have killed thousands of Christians since 2009, with Britain and the American governments refusing to categorize Fulani jihadis as international terrorists. This is not shocking as the American and British governments voted against a resolution presented by GoK to have al-Shabaab recognized as an international terrorist organization. The reason the American and British governments voted against that resolution was because American and British non-governmental organizations (NGOs) work with al-Shabaab and pay taxes to al-Shabaab. Also, the American and British governments have proposed negotiations with al-Shabaab – a similar move to how the Americans negotiated with the Taliban, thus paving the way for Afghanistan to fall under Taliban rule.

Gnosophia-org Boko Haram Nigeria
Muslim terrorists in Nigeria drive an armored personnel carrier they captured from the Nigerian Army. British and American governments criticized the government of Goodluck Jonathan for arming civilians to fight Muslim terrorists.

For the nations that are implementing the American and British counter-terrorism strategies, they are at risk of suffering the fate of Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso before their unpopular French-allied governments were overthrown – to much public acclaim and celebrations. Already, Nigerians opposed the attempts by France and Britain to have Nigeria invade Niger and restore the French ally, Mohamed Bazoum, to power. Nigerians openly voiced support for Niger and called on West Africans to unite to fight Muslim terrorists, especially Fulani jihadis. In How Failed American and British Counter-Terrorism Strategies Have Nurtured Islamic Terrorism in Lamu and Inflamed Morbid Persecution of Kikuyu Christians, I noted the following:

…mainstreaming of Islamists in the political, economic, and security domains has allowed Fulani jihadis to invade farmlands and settlements of Christians across Northern and Central Nigeria where they have killed hundreds of thousands and displaced many more, even turning some areas in Kaduna state into ghost settlements. According to the Global Terrorism Index, the Fulani Jihadis (colloquially called Fulani herdsmen) are the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the entire world. In Kenya, Somali Islamists are using the same modus operandi as the Fulani herdsmen, while failed counter-terrorism strategies implemented by GoK continue to mainstream them in the political, economic, and security domains.

Like Kenya, Nigeria implements the failed counter-terrorism strategies developed by so-called NATO experts and advocated by the American, French, and British governments. These counter-terrorism strategies share a lot in common including mainstreaming Islamists in national politics and appointing Muslims to top security positions in the affected nations. For example, the British and American governments have warned GoK that if it does not have Somalis heading key security dockets, then GoK cannot be assured of American and British military aid if Kenya is invaded by al-Shabaab (after al-Shabaab takes power in Somalia and becomes the new Government of Somalia). They reminded GoK that Americans refused to support Nouri al-Maliki’s government in Iraq to fight against the Islamic State terrorists unless the Iraqi government was headed by a Sunni. Iraqis argue that Iranians responded within 24 hours to calls for assistance while Americans took 3 months to come to the aid of Iraq.

The American, British, and French governments are adamant that African nations adopt their failed counter-terrorism strategies or else be declared rogue. When it is pointed out that these failed American, French, and British counter-terrorism strategies have only helped al-Qaeda and Islamic State in West Africa to the point that Mali was at the brink of state collapse and fragmentation, one is branded a Russophile who supports Vladimir Putin. In reality, this is what happened in West Africa where Ayman al-Zawahiri – the leader of al-Qaeda – promised to liberate the Sahel region from French neocolonialism. Ironically, France has been expelled from Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has accused Black Africans in those three nations of rejecting Arab and Tuareg rule, which he characterized as “victimizing (non-Black) minorities”. In turn, the governments of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger have publicly accused the Government of France of supporting Islamist terrorism.

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