In Lamu, Terrorists Raze Christian Villages, Kill Security Personnel, and Residents Want to be Armed

An elected Kikuyu politician is sprayed with bullets, Christian villages are attacked, and Muslim Terrorists attempt to burn Christians who had taken refuge in a school. All this happened after President William Ruto, the Deputy President, and the Interior Cabinet Secretary assured the residents of their security.

Vuguvugu la wanati wa-amu liko barabarani kuikomboa (L)amu kwa njia yeyote ile (the Front of Amu natives is on the path to liberate Lamu using whatever means possible)”, said a Sunni leader during a press conference, with his message being received with chants of “Inshallah, Allah Akbar (May it be so if the Muslim God wills it, the Muslim God is Great). A grainy video from this press conference was shared on social media where it garnered infamy in X (formerly Twitter) after it was captioned by Pauline Njoroge as a threat directed at Kikuyu people living in Lamu. This video is posted below.

This press conference was called after a string of attacks against Christians in Lamu left Christian-majority villages burned and denuded of their residents, most of whom had become internally displaced persons (IDPs) taking refuge in schools and churches. As I explained previously, Muslim terrorists have been planning for an equivalent of al-Aqsa Flood in Lamu since Hamas successfully launched a terrorist attack in Southern Israel that killed over a thousand Israelis and foreigners. Among the non-Israelis killed is a young Tanzanian exchange student, Joshua Mollel, who the terrorists stabbed, then sprayed with bullets, and thereafter stripped his body of clothes and later paraded his corpse naked to cheering Palestinian crowds. This callousness still did not move Kenyan leftists like Miguna Miguna who kept using his X platform to condemn Israel for fighting terrorism, much to the chagrin of sane Kenyans.

Why does al-Qaeda in Somalia Compare Lamu to Israel?

On January 5, 2020, al-Shabaab raided Manda Bay in Lamu and successfully destroyed all 7 airplanes on the airbase, besides killing 3 Americans. Al-Shabaab later described this raid as part of its operation dubbed Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Will Never be Judaized.

Gnosophia org Manda Bay
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