Occupy Churches, Ruto Must Go, and the Kenyan Revolution

The Generation Z (Gen-Z) in Kenya have spearheaded the revolution that has forced President William Samoei Ruto to veto his own 2024 Finance Bill, as well as witness the crumbling of his legitimacy when his allied members of parliament (MPs) were run out of parliament by protesters on June 25, 2024. Some of these MPs have even lost legitimacy in their home constituencies. The Kenyan youth should now chase Ruto and his allied clergy from the collective church. This should be the goal of the #OccupyChurches movement. The church should not be the institution that lends legitimacy to a weak and unpopular regime that is out of touch with the people of Kenya.

Killergy Against the Gen-Z Who Have Weakened Ruto

Kagirison OccupyChurches

A president who vetoes his own budget at the stage of signing it into law because he has bowed down to external pressure is a weak president. He has been weakened by the popular acephalic protests spearheaded by the tribeless and purpose-driven Gen-Z demonstrators who are not really bothered much with legacy Christianity.

Ruto’s regime is known for its legendary corruption, and it is shocking that the legacy and mainstream churches are beneficiaries of this corruption largesse, thus turning them into criminals in the eyes of Kenyans. To make matters worse, the legacy church has condemned the popular protests and refused to help the youth fighting for a better future. The church shut the door to protesters fleeing police violence during the first week of the anti-Finance bill protests. The aging out-of-touch clerics openly described the protesting youth as sinners who oppose the “God-chosen” leader of Kenya.

During the popular anti-finance bill protests in Nairobi, the church has been loudly absent, while Jamia Mosque in Nairobi went out of its way to help the protesters by providing free food and hosting a medical camp.

The legacy churches have never consoled with the injured protesters, and no popular pastors or clergymen visited the injured in hospitals, nor did they get involved in trying to help the injured – even by paying part of their medical bills. However, leaders of these legacy churches were quick to troop to State House to have an audience with President Ruto about how to end the popular youth protests, which are now collectively transforming into a popular revolution.

Why the Youth Should Occupy Churches?

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