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Why Postmodern Christianity Stands With Israel and Supports Zionism

Whoever is merciful to the cruel will surely be cruel to the merciful (Chazal in a commentary to I Samuel 15:9 when King Saul spared the life of the evil Amalekite ruler against the commandment of God).

Midrash Tanchuma, Metzora 1:1. From the Babylonian Talmud.

Postmodern Christianity is a progressive Christian group based in Kenya that supports Zionism and advocates for the right of Jews to live in a safe modern nation-state established in their ancient homeland of Judah and Samaria. Jews have a right to pursue happiness in a free and democratic state that caters to their interests and promotes the well-being of humanity in general, and the modern State of Israel does exactly this. Antisemitism masked as antizionism must be called out, especially if this form of anti-zionism provides legitimacy to acts of terrorism, cruelty, and savagery perpetrated by Islamist terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda (a Salafi-Wahhabi Terrorist organization), Hamas (an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood), and Hezbollah (a Shiite paramilitary organization that frequently engages in acts of international terrorism).

This is the Bahai Garden in Haifa, Israel. Bahai are a persecuted religious community who originated in Iran. Israel provides refuge to victims of religious persecutions. The despotic regime in Iran persecutes Bahai and supports terrorism against Israel. PHOTO CREDIT.
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