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Postmodern Christianity is a humanistic religion for the rational, educated, and liberal Mind. It seeks to debunk religious dogma and free human creativity from the chains of superstitious beliefs and phantom tyrannies that prevent human beings from actualizing their potential. These superstitious beliefs can present themselves as religious dogma such as the inerrancy of the Bible or as grand narratives such as the Aryan Superman (which was violently defeated) and related narratives that justify racism, bigotry, and discrimination. These superstitions aim to create disgraceful hierarchies that restrict the advancement of knowledge, as well as imprison human lives under phantom tyrannies and real-world tyrannies, which usually manifest as political despotism.

Postmodern Christianity asserts that the Bible is a profoundly human book that expresses metaphysical knowledge using myths, parables, legends, and allegories. However, the Bible is not the only source of justified knowledge.

The Bible simply complements verifiable knowledge gained from philosophy, science, and mathematics. To add, science is a valid method for gaining empirical knowledge of reality. In fact, provable empirical knowledge trumps unprovable religious claims. Likewise, logic trumps irrational religious claims.

In other words, Postmodern Christianity is Humanist Christianity that advocates for anthropocentrism, science, logic, and Christian Humanism.

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