War Against Evangelical Christianity in Kenya

In Kenya, low consciousness is in vogue as evidenced by the sexualization of marketing, feminization of education, and mongrelization of God

Antony Kagirison

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Collage of snapshots of articles published by Mainstream Media that discourage people from engaging in any form of independent search of knowledge or daring to research the validity of mainstreamed knowledge.

Do you want your pre-teen son to be castrated and thereafter start wearing dresses while telling you that God does not exist? Do you want school authorities to recommend gender-change surgery for your children without your consent? Do you want to be persecuted for affirming that sex is determined at conception by sex chromosomes? Do you want your children to tell you that they have been taught in school that secular enlightenment involves marrying goats, eating cockroaches, and condemning farming as ecocide? Do you want your adult children to not marry and for your adult daughter to die childless?

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As you can note, education, marriage, and agriculture are under assault from a malevolent cabal that uses mainstream media, research institutes, and think tanks to force governments to adopt and implement anti-Christian policies. However, this cabal cannot publicly state that Christianity is its enemy, they will have to use propaganda to discredit Christianity. The current propaganda used to discredit Christianity in Kenya pivots around Paul MacKenzie and his evangelical ministry.

An Evil Agenda Against Christians is Unmasked

Is President William Ruto and his Deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, having a fallout because of Islamic terrorism in Lamu county? Africa Intelligence reported on January 18, 2023, that Rigathi Gachangua is displeased by the plots of William Ruto to clip the political power of Kikuyu Christians in Lamu. As I noted in How Failed American and British Counter-Terrorism Strategies Have Nurtured Islamic Terrorism in Lamu and Inflamed Morbid Persecution of Kikuyu Christians:

In Lamu, a toxic triad of failed Anglo-American counter-terrorism strategies implemented by Kenyan security forces, Islamist-tinged ethno-nationalism, and the need to placate Somalis has led to the mass killings of Kikuyu and other non-Muslims; and the Government of Kenya (GoK) seems unable to protect Kenyan citizens from Muslim terrorists. Why and how could a government stand by and watch its citizens being killed and displaced by Islamist terrorists? Why are GoK, the American, and the British governments opposed to training, arming, and organizing civilians in Lamu into anti-terrorist militia?

In that post, I described the current policy of Ruto’s government as “Placate the Somali Muslim, Let the Kikuyu Christian be Slaughtered”.

Why would GoK and its American and British allies want Christians to be tormented and killed by Muslim terrorists? Have the Americans and British previously assisted Muslim terrorists to kill, maim, and ethnically cleanse Christians from their lands? Can we consider the killing, maiming, and ethnic cleansing of Armenian Christians from Nagorno-Karabakh Artsakh by Muslim Turks supported by Israel? If Israel supported the ethnic cleansing and persecution of Armenian Christians, why should Christians support Israelis in their current war against Sunni Terrorists? Would the world be better off if Americans, the British, and the Global Jewish community did not offer apologia for Muslim terrorists?

In How Iran Defeated the America-Israel-Saudi Alliance in the Middle East, I explained how the Saudi-Israel-Obama anti-Christian alliance against Shia and Christians of the Middle East was defeated by the joint efforts of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. In the process, Divine Providence rewarded Iran by giving it influence over Iraq, Syria, and now Yemen. The people who plotted against God, History, and the People ended up sacrificing the blood and lives of American soldiers for the benefit of Iran and its Shia clerical leadership. As Hossein Sheikholeslam told Martin Smith in Bitter Rivals: Iran and Saudi Arabia, “(Americans) did us a favor…to take (out) Saddam Hussein that we (Iranian Government) wanted to do. So, you were sacrificing your own soldiers for our aim”. In 2016, it was evident that supporting Muslim terrorists in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon was an immoral choice chosen, executed, and justified by malevolent people. This does not exclude Israel whose government supplied weapons to anti-Christian Sunni terrorists operating in Syria.

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What is least reported about the Iranian war against Sunni terrorists in Iraq is the sacrifices that Iranians made to train and arm Christian militia to fight al-Qaeda and Islamic State terrorists. In fact, Iran created the Christian militia called…

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